Tourism in kurseong

Kurseong or rather Kharsang, meaning “Land of the White Orchids”, a small hill station located close to the ‘Queen of the Hills’, Darjeeling. The distance from NJP to Kurseong is 46 km and from Bagdogra airport it is 39.7 km.

Kurseong Tourism – Sightseeing and Attractions

The way to Kurseong is filled with beautiful forest sceneries and probably the only road where the railway crosses on the well constructed road. The roadways is well maintained so to make the journey a comfortable one with enchanting views from the vehicle’s window. Along the way there are small restaurants that serve the delicacies of the hilly region along with other dishes.

Though not much is known to outsiders about the town and use it as a pitstop while travelling between destinations. The small and quiet town can proudly boast of historical significance such as the home of the great freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose currently turned into a museum for viewers.

The first noble laureate of India too has a house know turned into government bungalow and it also housed the likes of eminent figures such as Sri Aurobindo Ghosh throughout the period of History.

There are old enough churches since the time of the British rule that is worth paying a visit to by the travelers. This was made possible as a large number of reputed institutes were opened by the Britishers to provide excellent education. It has an organic farm where crops are grown and you can visit that place in Chimney. It has tea gardens all over it and tourists can visit some of these gardens and witness the production of tea. These tea gardens also have outlets where you can buy tea as gifts when you return home. Other places to visit are the Saint Mary’s Groto, Deer Park and Durbindara. If you are fond of hiking and adventure then you can visit Haven.

For the supernatural and paranormal fans this town can proudly tell you of few haunting places that will not only excite but thrill you to the core of your heart. You can take a walk along the love road, visit downhill, graveyard, radio station and many more. If you chat with them you will find many more places with such names of places and tales.

The foodies will enjoy the warm momos, thupas, shefalis, taipos and other local delicacies that will leave you craving for more of the stuff. The localities are in general very friendly and helpful people. The bakery of the hills is excellent you will get to eat nankhatties biscuits that will melt in your mouth, cream rolls where the cream stays till the last bite in your mouth and various other cookies not baked in machines but by hands.

Your stay will be a pleasant one.


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