10 things travelers forget

Forgetting essential items during packing is much of painstaking. No one wants to do a lot of head hunting and waste time during traveling for finding essential or must carry items. Much attention has not been paid during tourism-memory nexus; the tendency of forgetfulness can’t be overlooked and has remained unexplored. Most of cases, we forget to pack the things when we are in hurry. Even if, the items to be taken planed before, at that juncture we miss out the same. The tourists’ crisis in post forgetful behavior needs to be well managed; otherwise the same can destroy your entire fun and delight of the trip. While traveling is always a positive experience, it possesses a special problem for people with dementia. Sometimes, it becomes a limitations for the caregivers to arrange your necessary items and that too if it is medical in nature. Whether it is a resort trip or forest, these are the items to keep in your mind-
1. Phone Charger- It may happen that you have remembered to pack it, but kept it on your dining table while leaving. Anyway, phone charger is a must-have item in any trip. The charger is replaceable, but you may not get the specification and price can be another issue. Also remember, not to forget a power bank which replaces the number of phone chargers.
2. Toothpaste- While packing your toiletry bag, it is quite a common mistake to take the tooth paste or brush. It reminds you in next fine morning when you have wake up and freshen yourself. The front desk executives can help you with travel-size toothpaste, but for frequent travelers simple have no excuse for overlooking basic toiletries.
3. Hand Sanitizer- Post Covid-19 has made it quite mandatory to travel with your own hand sanitizer. More frugal travelers should keep a travel-size bottle which can be refilled at any times.
4. Swimsuits- There cannot be a worse situation when you enter into a hotel and finds a swimming pool there. Because, you have forget to pack your swim suit.
5. Hairbrush and Combs- Without hairbrush and combs, you might get a wind blowing look. It needs a little grooming, before you leave for a short trip. Hair combs are often an item to forget in bathroom centre. It is advisable to keep a small comb that suits to your hair.
6. Umbrellas- It is immaterial whether you are traveling in a rainy or shining tourists place; an umbrella is an essential item. It would protect you not only in rain but also against ultra violet rays. A small, travel-size umbrella always make its way in your must carry-on items.
7. Medicines- Few necessary pills for urgent health issues accompanied by pain removing gel must be there in your travel kit. There are distant places where no medicine shops are found.
8. Identity Cards- Your photo identity card must be in your pocket or nearby places. It is almost required everywhere you go.
9. Gadgets- Electrical gadgets like smart phone or I-phone is another necessary item to be carried on without fail.
10. Books/Magazines- It is your pass time friend during your day long journeys.


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