There are many places in world that rely assuredly over tourism. Tourism plays a key element of employment and income. However, these days, the outbreak of corona virus has led it to the source of problem in many minds of people. Many tourists are cancelling their tickets to North-East Indian tourism spot because of the fear of this deadly haunting disease. This is leading to the huge influx of visitors to deplete the social coherence, resources, environment, character, uniqueness, beauty and character of a tourist destination over time.

Now, it is easy to under estimate the scale of tourism. Every year, around billions of tourists take trips that makes 30 tourist arriving every second. According to report around millions of tourist visit the peaceful and most stunning places of North Eastern places like Darjeeling, Gangtok, Bhutan. This many have presented a huge challenges for many destinations. When it comes to policing, cleaning up, entertaining, feeding, accommodation, and transportation; for many it is not a simple thing to digest when the overall system is disturbed and halted.

The advantage of tourism industry

Economic – It brings in money. It is mostly the prime benefit of tourism and the reason why there is attraction and promotions specifically in developing countries like India. The income generated can make a huge proportion of national, local and private incomes.

Opportunistic – It provides jobs. Restaurants, shops, activities, transport, bars, and hotels all need staffing. Tourism does render much needed employment to people.

Infrastructural – It renders incentives and means for investment in infrastructure like educational facilities, local medical, rail networks, roads and so forth.

Environmental – It renders economic incentives for a place to regenerate, maintain, and preserve the environment in both rural and urban settings.

Promotional – It puts a place on the map and renders locality a chance to show itself off and raise the profile worldwide.

Cross-Culture – It promoted international connections that bring more cultural and business collaboration in long run. Further, it promotes cross-culture awareness for both tourists and locals and builds bridges of understanding within a range of cultures.

Did you know?

The money generated by tourism account to 5 percent of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

For every job created in the core tourism industry, around 1.5 extra, indirect jobs are made in wide tourism related economy.

Tourism industry also renders job for 1 out of every 12 worker in emerging and advanced economies

An insight to present situation

As per the statements posed by the Union Home Ministry, all kinds of passenger movement will be suspended from March 15 midnight barring a few particular border check posts.

Further, all kinds of passenger movement through all immigration will be suspended except through a few posts according to Home Ministry order.

At present, things have come to a point of corona pandemic and its said-to-be effect on the lives of people throughout the world. This hinders many tourists to cancel their tickets for their upcoming recreational vacation. However, there need to be taken care of few steps and people must be aware of how far the panic has blinded man from halting and creating a huge loss in the tourism industry.

The final thought!

We can only say that in relation to the spread of rumours, the facts are not properly highlighted rather only panic have reached to the ears of tour lovers. So, finally care should be taken not to disrupt the economy nor of the tourism industry and that can be done by postponing the schedule date of vacation. This will surely create a sublime tranquility and sound reason to save many tourist related segments and its chains that have been kept alive till date.


And at last we say that Everything will be all right don’t panic.Our all service package will resume after 15 April…..#akkcrusier


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