lachung trek

Trekking is the most popular activity among many travelers today. There are different destinations available in the world to enjoy trekking activity. If you are looking best destination, you can opt for lachung. It is the most popular hill station that attracts travelers from around the world. It is situated in North Sikkim that very near to the border of Tibet. You can reach the best trekking agency and gain service for your trip. We provide the best package that ideal for the trekking journey from this location. The lachung trek is an excellent choice for trekkers to visit the trading post in Tibet and Sikkim.

Almost, every traveler visits this destination between May and October. It is the best destination for visiting the yamthang valley and lachung monastery. The travelers can experience the different languages like Nepali, Lepcha, and Bhatia.Best Trekking Tours in Lachung gives you an excellent chance to enjoy the rhododendron valley trek. The destination is totally covered in snow during winter. It is the best trekking option for travelers to explore the hidden treasure of north Sikkim. You can view the valley that incorporated with the wild flowers that bloom in the summer and spring. It is a suitable place for the nature lovers and adventure seekers.

View the snow capped peak:

Snow leopard and sheep reside in the mountain and valley side of this trekking destination. It is a better opportunity for trekkers to view the snow covered peak like lhako peak, karpo la, dongkhya peak, and sengkamo. Lachung Trekking tours allow travelers to visit the beautiful village. The weather is always pleasant in this location that impress trekkers very much. You can realize the Buddhism and Hinduism culture and tradition in this place. You can understand every essential aspect of locals in lachung. You can receive the proper service from our guide at the best cost.

The travelers can pick up the package that comes up with the proper itinerary. It is ideal for travelers to consider the minimum and maximum altitude of the trek. You can know the best season for trekking to this destination. The trekkers can discover the stunning scenic beauty of the peak when trekking to lachung. So, you can reach us today and get the right map to trek the peak. The travelers take pleasure from the exciting trek in the Tibet border.


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