The experience of viewing the sun rising over a snow capped mountain at the beginning of a cloudless day, is perhaps one of the most fascinating things that any mountain lover can dream of. The color palette that the view bestows with is an incomparable beauty that nature offers to a lucky few.

The mighty Kanchenjunga often gifts that is worth a thousand lifetimes of tour and travels all across the world.

Darjeeling is India’s tea country. It is known across the world over for its excellent quality of tea. Though Darjeeling has many other claims to fame, the tea tag fits it like none other.

This pristine hill station, which was once the favorite summer getaway of the British still retains its vintage charm. It is overflowing with natural beauty and provides some spectacular views of the Kanchenjunga Mountains and other peaks of the Himalayan ranges. Its charm is further enhanced by the presence of a heritage mountain railway. Watching the small train meandering through the hill on its tiny tracks is a train connoisseur’s delight.

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The presence of serene Buddhist temples and monasteries lends the area a divine tranquility. As you walk through the roads of Darjeeling you are greeted with wafts of fresh air that blow across the emerald tea gardens and ornament the slopes of Darjeeling.

A vacation in Darjeeling is a sure shot remedy for banishing those city blues. When in Darjeeling, it is natural that you think, drink, and breathe tea. If you are an ardent tea lover, you can ask your travel agent to arrange a special Tea Trail Adventure that will take you to the various famous tea estates of Darjeeling. Savoring the freshly made tea in the finest cutlery is an experience of its own.

If you are a food connoisseur Home stay is the best arrangement for you. Taste home cooked authentic food like:

Shaphalay is like a Tibetan pie. It is bread pouch stuffed with meat and can be had with any curry or chutney/sauce. Shaphalay is usually served with tsampa (roasted barley), cheese or butter.

Niguru is a dish made of local fiddlehead ferns and its tendrils with churpi (cheese). Normally not available in restaurants and are best enjoyed at local homes.

Churpee is made from cow or yak milk. They are local cheese and come in soft or hard forms.

Sinki is prepared from radish tap roots. An indigenous dish with strong Rajbanshi traits, it is a forage food specialty in which aged radish silvers are pressed into a hole lined with bamboo and straw that is confined by a cover of vegetation, rocks, wood and finally, mud. It is dried in the sun and stored to last a few years more.

Phagshapa is cooked with radishes and dried chilies. It is made of strips of pork fat and is mainly served in summers.

Kakra ko Achar and Kinema are local home staples. Kakra Ko Achar is a pickle prepared with cucumber juliennes, sesame seeds, garlic, green chili, salt, etc. Kinema is prepared using fermented Soybeans.

Dalle Chili Pickle is not for the faint-hearted. It is prepared with the fiery round red chili, mustard oil, salt, and spices. The pickle is sold in glass bottles and can be bought at local pickle shops. Be warned that Dalle chilies have the maximum heat in the world. Try Dalle at your own risk.

Alu Dum is the most popular Darjeeling food. It is basically boiled diced potatoes cooked in thick gravy. The specialty is the mixing of local Dalle chili, which renders Darjeeling alu dum a tongue-burning heat.

AKK Cruiser is the best travel agency in Darjeeling who can help you in arranging your visit as per your plan, budget and days of stay. AKK Cruisers have a wide arrangement of Home stay facilities in Darjeeling. Stay within the simple household of the hill people and enjoy the actual warmth and the hospitality that no hotel can ever give you.  Accommodating and affordable travel agency in Siliguri, AKK Cruiser arranges that every guest gets to see and feel the best that the Queen of the Hill has to offer.

Leave it on AKK Cruiser to arrange your best travel experience in and around Darjeeling and its neighboring areas. We ensure that you will come back with a diary full of memories that you can pass on to your generations.


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