One-Day Nature Tours Tips

Looking for an interesting day trip? Look to nature for your next day away from home. From trees to flowers, you can put together a day trip based on nature observation. Here are some ideas.

Autumn Leaves

Many families go on an autumn leaf tour every year. Couples may find a tour observing autumn foliage romantic. Children are also fascinated by fall colors, and you can prepare them for the trip with library books on how and why leaves change colors.

On an autumn leaf tour, there are some things you can bring to make it even more meaningful. Here are some suggestions.

* Field guide – A good field guide can add enjoyment to your foliage observations. You can use it to identify the trees, and to help you seek out the best colors.

* Map – Don’t forget a map! Even if you plan your trip carefully, a map is still a good idea. Some areas offer a map of the best places to view foliage.

* Zip-top bags – For collected leaves that you want to take home and press or put in a scrapbook, a zip-top bag is perfect.

Wildflower Walk

Do you have a state park or forest nearby? What about vacant lots or undeveloped farmland? Anywhere that there are no lawnmowers, there are wildflowers! Some parks and other public areas offer guided wildflower walks. You can usually find something blooming at any time during the growing season, not just in the spring. Here are a few essentials to bring along on your wildflower walk day trip.

* Field guide – This is a good idea on the leaf tour, but it’s essential for a wildflower tour.

* Camera – It’s never a good idea to pick wildflowers. So rather than taking them for souvenirs, bring a camera and commemorate your trip that way.

Bird Watching

Watching and identifying birds is fascinating for children and adults. Pack a few key items and head out to discover the feathered wildlife in your area. Here are some things you might want to bring along:

* Binoculars – These are invaluable for identifying and watching birds. If this is a family event, see if you can bring at least two pairs of binoculars along so everyone gets a chance to see.

* Field guide – Once again, a good field guide is indispensable. Not only will it help you identify birds by sight; it will help you know their calls, too.

* Camera – Birds can be tricky to photograph, but if you have a camera with a decent zoom, bring it along. The pictures will help you create an album or scrap book later.


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