aquatic day trip

Looking for an idea for a day away from home? Look to water! There are so many day trips you can take that involve water. Here are some ideas for an aquatic day trip.

  1. Lakes

Lakes offer so many fun opportunities, and there just might be a recreational lake nearby. If it involves a bit of a drive, that just fits in with the day trip theme. Lakes offer various activities, such as paddle boats, other types of boating, fishing, swimming, and just enjoying the beach.

  • Creeks

Creeks are sometimes overlooked as a good place for a day trip, but they’re really fun. Your Local Park or nature preserve probably has a creek. If you can get to one near you, your kids can enjoy wading, searching for rocks, and playing on the bank. Bring a picnic and spend the day by the creek.

  • Boat Tours

Your whole family can enjoy a boat tour. Depending on the location, you could spend the day sightseeing, fishing, exploring artifacts from shipwrecks, and/or viewing wildlife. Some boat tours will take you into nature reserves or other areas that are inaccessible by land. Boat tours can be long or short, but they certainly can take the whole day.

  • Kayaking/Canoeing

Lakes and rivers offer wonderful opportunities for these activities. Even children can enjoy kayaking or canoeing, just as long as there is an experienced guide with you. Inflatable kayaks, called “duckies,” may be the best choice for kids. Being out on the water and viewing the scenery will be a day trip to remember. 

  • Snorkeling

Yes, children can learn to snorkel if they have the right mindset, proper gear, and a good instructor. See if you can sign your kids up with a nearby snorkeling program, and learn together. It may start as one day trip, but it could grow into a regular thing if your kids really like it!

  • Water Parks

If everyone can swim, a water park makes a great one-day getaway. There is usually food available on site, or you can pack food to take along. Remember to bring sunscreen!

  • Ocean

If you are lucky enough to live close to the ocean, you can certainly spend a day on the shore. If you’ve taken the kids there before, think about participating in a new activity, such as fishing, boating, or horseback riding.

  • Fountains

Have you ever thought about taking a fountain tour of your city and/or nearby cities? Fountains are a favorite among young kids. See if you can take a tour of the city to check out the fountains. Some cities even have fountain “parks” where kids can run and play in the fountains.


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