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Trekking is always fun. Adventures rides and thrilling mountains fill up with excitement. But there is nothing better than trekking on Indian Himalayan mountain ranges. The worldwide adventurous seekers always admire and accept that their thrilling trips are undoubtedly incomplete without trekking in Indian hills. Thus, being the prominent trekking tour operator, we offer exciting trekking tour packages to add little thrill in your tour.

Our trekking tour expert team helps you in selecting the best trekking destinations, accommodations and also takes care of food and services. AKK crusier, the trekking tour agency, is working to help you out in finding the right destination for trekking and make it obstacle-free. We are growing as the best trekking tour agency by keeping the aim of providing the best trekking packages to the people.

Trekking in India

India has a profound Himalayan crown on its head. It has the most magnificent Indian Himalayan mountain ranges. Being the home of the most prominent mountain ranges, it holds the attention of adventure seekers from all over the world. Also, with the world's highest peaks, it invites the thriller to have some adventure in hilly terrain at different ranges.

So, to add little excitement in the adventurous journey, AKK crusier offers trekking packages in areas like Sikkim, Nepal, Arunachal Pradesh, Sandakphu trek, and lot more areas. Trekking in India always has a spiritual, adventurous, and religious value. It fills up the trekkers with positive energy. Also, these beautiful destinations receive trekkers all year-round.

No wonder which trek you select for trekking, our trekking team is ready to serve our profound services and make it out extra thrilling and adventurous without hassles to maximize your trekking fun.

Most popular trekking packages

Being the most reputable tour operator, we feel privileged to serve you the best trekking packages across different Himalayan ranges that fill you up with adventure and thrill. Some of the trekking sites packages that we offer are.

Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu trek is one the thrilling trekking sites which gives you a magnificent cultural combination of two different countries, namely Nepal and India. The trekkers will get to see the glory of the world's five most prominent mountain peaks from here.

AKK crusier offers an adventurous journey of six-day and seven nights for trekking the most beautiful treks of the Himalayan mountain ranges.
Our trekking tour operator team will help in planning your trip in a significant way by taking care of all your needs and deeds of the trekking trip.

Trekking in Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the smallest trekking sites, yet it amuses you with enormous adventurous activities. The Sikkim trek is spread around the third highest mountain peak, Kanchenjunga. The trek of Sikkim gives you a spectacular view of the Sinioulchu peak. It is one of the most beautiful peaks on its own. The snow-clad mountains and fantastic flora and fauna provide you an enjoyable experience of trekking in Sikkim.

Thus, being the leading tour and traveler's operator, we are filling your heart with mesmerizing memories of nature's lap. It's all about exploring the most populated wild-life. Our Sikkim trekking tour packages are pre-planned with trekking guides, porters and accommodators that helps in every step of trekking journey and makes it more precious and memorable.

Singalila Trek

Trekking adventures never come to an end in India. Here, you receive thousands of trekking sites that fill you up with thrill and adventure. Thus, being the best trekking tour services provider, we offer another excellent trekking package of Singalila and Sandakphu trek to have another enjoyable experience of trekking in the mountain ranges.

The spring season seems to be the best season to go on trekking in this beautiful place. Your journey all the way long starts from the 1,524-meter crosses from the Rhododendron's forest and sub-alpine regions. Here, the trekkers can also enjoy the famous Land Rover rides, which excite the trekkers most.

Trekking in Bhutan

Trekking tours in Bhutan always give you goosebumps. Whether you want to see the pristine beauty of nature or wish to have the trekking fun for a long adventurous trip. Bhutan tourism offers you everything. Bhutan is the hub of the endangered wildlife species and mountain glaciers. Trekking along the Bhutan trek amazes you at every turn.

Here, you will also be able to see the cultural blend of India, Nepal, and China. Trekking in India is always a fun and adventurous trip and ride. And we not only bound you on the above mentioned treks.

Note: For prices and all details related to trekking, please visit the website.

Trekking Trip for Students

Students always love to have adventure and fun. Mostly students' groups love to go on trekking to add a little more adventure in their life.
So, here being one of the prompting trekking package providers, we create budget-friendly trekking plans for the students that fit their budget entirely.

Not only this, but we also help them in finding the best accommodation and travel packages, including all the vital trekking deeds. Students can take advantage of our exciting Nepal trekking packages, which cover significant trekking sites in one package so that they can have the full thrilling experience in the budget.

Our mission

We are standing upright on our strong legacy of providing budget-friendly trekking plans, including all the necessary things that a trekker needs to have. Also, we are moving ahead in our trekking journey with a mission of custom plans for the trekkers.

AKK crusier works for you to find you the right doorway of trekking with maximum fun and adventure so that you can enjoy your trekking journey the most.

Why Choose AKK Crusier as your trekking operator?

AKK crusier goes beyond the limit to help you out in exploring the uncovered trekking sites of India. We are the leading tour and travel operator who are serving their comprehensive services of tour and trekking across India at unbeatable prices.

With the tremendous experience of trekking tour services, we are introducing the new trekking packages, which include accommodation, food services, and trekking guides, so that you can enjoy your trekking.

Also, our potential team ensures that you can discover the most exciting and thrilling places of the mountain ranges. We have crossed the most pristine places to set you in nature’s lap and thrill your heart with adventure.

To have more fun and adventurous trekking sites, explore our website and book your trekking packages.

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