Trongsa - Treat for eyes

Trongsa is the place that separates west and east Bhutan by high mountains. This place is covered all over by the mountains and it is very normal to see clouds just above the mountains, which makes this place look magnificent. This place can be easily identified as the shops there are white painted and decorated with pot plants. Trongsa is placed right in the middle of the country. This place gives you a stunning view of the Black mountains which surround the valley. This place is a treat for the eyes as it is surrounded all over by beautiful trees all over and mountains.

The great thing about this place is that not only does it have a great history, but there are various sites as well to visit. Also, you can do trekking and hiking here with the beautiful view around. Trongsa travel agents are the best people to contact to know more about the places where you can get an excellent view. Some of the best places to visit in Trongsa are Trongsa Dzong, Chendbji Chorten, Ta Dzong, Kuenga Rabten, etc. If you wish to visit all the places there and know more about them, then you should look for our best travel agency in Bhutan.

This place has a 7 hours drive from the capital but it has a lovely way as you would see charismatic rivers, mountains, trees, and valleys everything on your way to this place. Trongsa is a must-visit place in Bhutan and you should always consult our travel agents for Trongsa so that you can explore the place better. This place also has a historical significance as there is a Thruepang Palace where the third king was born in Trongsa. Also, the first and the second king as well ruled from Trongsa.

So undoubtedly, this place has all the things history, beauty, and peace. If you want all of them, then book your package today from our trusted travel agency for Bhutan

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