Trashigang- The Jewel of East Bhutan and Trashi Yangtse District

If you are planning a trip to Bhutan, how can you forget these 2 places? Trashigang which is also known as the jewel of the east is a must place to visit. The easternmost corners of its kingdom skirt up to the edge of the state of India (Arunachal Pradesh). It is located on the altitude ranging from 600 metres to over 4000 metres. Our trip organisers have the best travel agents in Bhutan which can help you explore each place better.

Dangme Chhu is Bhutan’s largest river flows through this district. It is also the principal market place for nomadic people of Sakteng and Merak. Trashigang is also the home to the wildlife sanctuary of Sakteng. This sanctuary is one of the protected areas in Bhutan which our agency make you visit the place as we have the best tour pages/packages for Trashigang Bhutan.

Now coming over to Trashi Yangtse district- It is the newest dzongkhags in the country and was established in the year 1992. It is on an elevation of 1800 metres which is culturally and ethnically diverse district and the inhabitants include the region’s indigenous dwellers- Bramis from Tawang, Tshanglas, and Khengpas from Zhemgang.

It has a span of 1437 sq km of alpine and subtropical forest which is worth seeing. The people in this area are skilled at papermaking and woodworking. It also contains the major art school from which the view is spectacular. Our agency (best tours and travels in Bhutan) assures that you see every place in this beautiful area and not let you miss even a single place in this paradise.

It also contains Kulong Chhu wildlife sanctuary which itself is a part of the Bumdeling wildlife sanctuary. The northern part of Trashi Yangtse is covered by the Bumdeling wildlife sanctuary's well as a substantial portion of neighbouring districts. Only the best travel agency in Trashigang which is ours will make you experience the visits of these wildlife sanctuaries.

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