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Samdrup Jongkhar

Samdrup- Blend of an old and new tradition

It is said to be the oldest town of Bhutan. Samdrup consists of 20 dzongkhags. There are many temples and monasteries here which make this place traditional and there are many new things evolving because of the ideas of the youngsters which makes this place a developing place. The places to visit in Samdrup are Dewathang, Samdrup Jongkhar Dzong, Hanuman Temple, Mithun Breeding farm and many more. To have an insight into the places, you should always consult one of the travel agent in Samdrup-Jongkhar, and we are the best choice for it.

There is a magnificent monastery there Rabdey Dratshang, which was made in 2004 which has been made beautifully with different artwork on it and there is a sense of peace and calmness there. You should consult our tour and travel agency in Bhutan to know more about the exclusive places there and its history. This place is well known to purchase Indian clothes and dry fruits as it is very famous for that. Our travel agency in Siliguri can guide you more about the local markets and foods that you should try in Bhutan as many people come from Siliguri to Bhutan every day. 

It is located in south Bhutan and is one of the oldest towns in Bhutan. It is the largest urban center in eastern Bhutan. At an elevation ranging from 200 meters to 3500 meters, is famous for historical monuments and is administered by Gyadrung stationed at Dewangiri. Knowing and experiencing the history of Bhutan is not possible until you visit this place. Our company is the best travel agency in Samdrup Jongkhar which will make you see all the historical monuments situated in this place.

It is a bustling little town in which hawkers and shopkeepers keep coming from the borders of Assam to sell their wares. The oldest cinema in the country is also situated in the country which is popular among the locals and Assamese from across the border.

Whatever place you want to visit, you just need to contact our travel agency in Bhutan which will give you the best prices, make your trip luxurious in affordable prices and make you experience the whole Bhutan.

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