Best Tourist Places in Kolkata

Kolkata, which was formerly known as Calcutta is said to be one of the best places to visit in India. Also, it is known as the city of joy, so every one of you should visit here to take and share some joy. Kolkata has everything- be it historical structures, parks, educational institutes, zoo, museums, best food, and markets. We ensure that you do not miss anything when you visit Kolkata as we offer Kolkata walking tours as well so that you can explore the insights of Kolkata by visiting its local market and area.

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Kolkata's Victoria Memorial

An assessing white monument, Victoria Memorial is one of the most notoriously visited places in Kolkata, and for so many other good reasons. It was named after Queen Victoria and now serves as a gallery, and it's good for history buffs. However, visit this place if you ever feel like taking a walk down our history and reflecting on how far India has come from its colonisation days. The period of India’s freedom struggle is shown not only through the light and sound show but also through a series of paintings, vestiges, puppets, and books. We'd recommend spending at least 3–4 hours gaining knowledge about our country’s history.

Howrah Bridge

To say that Howrah Bridge is one of the top places to visit in Kolkata would be an understatement. An unofficial hallmark of the megacity, Howrah Bridge is worth a visit if you want to spend some time alone with just the ocean in front of you. Sit in silence or simply observe the fishermen as they go about their business at dawn and dusk.

Park Street, Kolkata

Still, head to Park Street if posting prints of brunches with your BFFs is your favourite thing to do. Because this place has the most instagrammable cafes and cafes! Park Street has become a mecca for people who want to chill out in the evening. From high-end cafes to iconic clubs and cafés, this place has them all.

Kolkata's New Market

Erected by the British in 1874, New Market is the place where all the shopaholics go to get the latest in clothes, jewellery, and other particulars. One of the places to visit in Kolkata for youths, the request is a maze of booths which has around 2000 of them. However, this request is perfect for you if you can bargain and have a good eye for particulars.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple in Kolkata

The tabernacle is devoted to Bhavatarani, an aspect of Goddess Kali and "the rescuer of the macrocosm". One of the oldest and most important tabernacles to have ever been erected, it receives pilgrims from all over the world.

The tabernacle was invented by Rani Rashmoni, who lost her husband and was left with a vast quantum of wealth. The idea of erecting this tabernacle came to her in a dream, and this was the last thing she did before going on a passage to Varanasi.


Durga Pujo is perhaps one of the most vibrant and extravagant carnivals to be celebrated in Kolkata. Everything from the pandals to the succulent food served on the final day happens on a grand scale. While witnessing the splendour of this jubilee in the megacity should be on everyone’s bucket list, if you're more of a creative person, we recommend going and watching how the Durga icons are made in Kumortuli.

The potter’s community, which is around 300 years old, buzzes with life in the weeks before the jubilee. Over 150 families live in the area and work diligently to complete all the icons for the jubilee. You can take a walk through the place, talk to the potters, and get a better idea of how these beautiful icons are made.

Babu Ghat

While Princep Ghat is one of the most notorious places to visit in Kolkata if you want to visit a place that doesn't have much of a crowd and offers scenic views, visits Babu Ghat. It offers a stunning view of the iconic Howrah Bridge, is perfect for photography enthusiasts, and merits a visit before it gets too crowded.

College Street, Kolkata

Still, there's no better place than College Street if you want to look for books in Kolkata. One of the top places to visit in Kolkata for youths, College Street is akin to Daryaganj in Delhi, the only difference being that this road is open throughout the week. Everything from course books to alternate-hand novels can be set up at College Street. Don’t forget to deal and wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Kolkata's South Park Cemetery

Still, visit South Park Cemetery if you are a fan of everything spooky and haunted. One of the most haunted places in India, this place is equal parts beautiful and creepy. The cemetery was established by the British in 1767 and is a remnant of their architectural style. Take a walk through the cemetery during the day and you'll find a plenitude of spots that are worth esteeming. Still, by night, the place is shut down and entry is banned because of the strange incidents that have happened in its history.

Old Chinatown

This is the only Chinatown in all of India. This place is a haven for people who want to taste the delectables of this Asian country. The place evolved after Chinese dealers who came to work at the anchorages settled there. While the place may have lost its authenticity, there are some booths that still serve authentic Chinese appetisers like pork links, prawn crackers, momos, and fish ball haze.

The Indian Museum in Kolkata

It was established in 1814, the Indian Museum is one of the oldest in the world. Its 35 galleries are filled with historically significant particulars like stunning Mughal oils, configurations, funds, Egyptian corpses, and other sacred particulars. This is the largest multi-purpose gallery in the total of the Asia-Pacific region.

M.P. Birla Planetarium, Kolkata

On the list of places to visit in Kolkata, one can not ignore the majestic Birla Planetarium. Inaugurated in 1963 by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the planetarium has exhibition corners, several galleries, a library, and a veritably emotional theatre room with high-end projector defences. It's a great place to introduce astronomy to children.

Alipore Zoo

The Alipore Zoo is one of the major tourist attractions in Kolkata, especially if you're travelling with children. The zoo is the oldest in the country and houses amazing species of creatures, like cats and reptiles. You can spot the one-horned rhinoceros, white barracuda, zebras, the Swinhoe’s pheasant, and numerous migrant catcalls then.

Town Hall, Kolkata

This architectural brilliance is a beautiful illustration of Roman Doric construction in the country. You can spend your time looking at the statues of lords, queens, and important British officers in this well-maintained literal gem. Fun fact: the ceilings of the structure are 30 feet high!

Eden Auditorium

Still, there's no way you can miss the Eden auditoriums if you're a justice addict. This is one of the most popular visiting places in Kolkata. When they step into the structure, justice suckers get really fond recollections of matches played and won. This is the alternate-largest justice colosseum in the world and can house an emotional 3,349 observers at a time.

Kolkata, Jawaharlal Nehru Road

Still, if you want to see Kolkata at its best, go to Chowringhee Road. Located in central Kolkata, this is a favourite purlieu spot for locals and excursionists alike. The road is lined with small and big shopping complexes and stores. Tromping down the road in the gloamings is a great way to enjoy the original culture and people.

Jorasanko Thakur, Bari, Kolkata

Accomplish you have an affinity for poetry and Rabindranath Tagore? Also, you must check this place out. This is the ancestral home of the late Tagore, and the house has three separate galleries filled with oils and particular particulars of the Tagore family, including his books and calligraphies. The house is girded by a lush theatre and is a peaceful spot in the middle of the megacity.

Marble Palace Mansion, Kolkata

Located in North Kolkata, the Marble Palace Mansion was erected in 1835. This property houses veritably rare oils and also has a zoo that's filled with rare and fantastic species of cats and creatures. You can visit the property for its beautiful armature and oils.

Princep Ghat

Located along the swash of Hooghly, Princep Ghat is a perfect place to spend your gloamings. The surroundings are completely lit post-sunset and you can pack some food and spend a comfortable time enjoying the grounds. The Princep Ghat is a Greek-style structure located in a strategic place right under the 2nd Hooghly Bridge.

Birla Mandir

Another notorious place in Kolkata you shouldn't miss is the Birla Mandir. Named after the Birla family who commissioned it, this residence of Lord Krishna, made entirely of white marble gravestones, took 26 times to be erected.

Science City

Science City has been one of the best tourist attractions in Kolkata in recent years. Inaugurated in 1997, this government-run centre is the biggest in the country. Students love visiting here and exploring its famous exhibits like The Aquatic World, the Jurassic World, and the Time Machine.

Fort William, Kolkata

Fort William was built in the year 1696 and has served a variety of purposes in the past. Nowadays, the fort has become the base of the Indian Army. You can visit and view the grounds and enjoy the majestic architecture of the fort.

Kalighat Kali Temple

The original name of the city was Calcutta, originating from the term "Kalighat". Kalighat is one of the historic neighbourhoods of Kolkata and houses the famous Kali Temple, where devotees flock. Surrounded by the shopping streets, the temple is situated in a busy and crowded area of the city.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata

This is one of the first cathedrals established by the British in India. based in the heart of the city, St. Paul’s Cathedral is built in the Indo-Gothic style and is an effective structure you should not miss visiting. The cathedral complex is serene and calm, and the building makes you feel relaxed and at peace.

Belur Math, Kolkata

Belur Math is situated on the banks of the river Hooghly and is the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Math. It is incredible. You can see Swami Vivekananda’s room here and the old shrine here. This is the best place to get away from the daily hustle and bustle and calm your mind here for a while.

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